I have had so many requests over the past year for custom items and they may have been the items that I enjoyed the most because they portrayed the unique personality of the customer. Here are just a few examples of the custom products that I've been sending out lately:

Rock Tackle Co.

Over the past few months, I've been collaborating with my friends at Rock Tackle Company with the opening of their store-front in Ocean City, New Jersey. Located at 711 Asbury Ave, they are an incredible source for men's fishing apparel and tackle. They asked if I would do a few exclusive products with the RTC logo for their store! I was super stoked about the idea and got to work designing products that would represent their mission and their brand! Check them out at!

*If you are a business and have interest in your own exclusive leather goods for your shop, lets get the process started! Contact me at 

Adjustable OWB Holster

The IWI Jericho is an incredible, precision built side-arm that has many draws to the consumer. Normally, one of those draws is not concealed carrying simply because its overall length of 8.2 inches. Needless to say, the size of the weapon posed a challenge for creating a holster that would allow the user to conceal it well. The customer also wanted complete adjustability to ensure it would best fit his needs.

Jake's Black Hudson

Jake is a good friend of mine and he was looking for a wallet to compliment his new pair of black Red Wings! He loved the design of the Baby Hudson that I had available, but wanted the color scheme and style of his Iron Rangers. I went with Black English Bridle and White Tiger Thread and it turned out beautifully!

Sally's Watch Band

Sally had a beautiful Seiko watch, but the band was poorly constructed and had began to crack and dry out. She wanted something slim and elegant. I went with Horween Chromexcel in Tan and Cream Tiger Thread.

Concealed Carry Holster

This holster was made to for a customer that wanted something slim and durable. One of the most common issues with concealed carry is that leather holsters often do not retain shape which causes issues with drawing the firearm as well as re-holstering. This holster is wet molded around the firearm with gives it the perfect fit and dries to retain that shape.